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About Us

Most of the businesses evolve with time as they enter new markets, search for business opportunities, and grow their business reach. At EKOM, we believe in offering products & solutions that grow along with your business.

EKOM is a Sydney based creative digital studio offering quality and affordable web design & ecommerce solutions services since 2005. At EKOM, we are ready to serve every range of customers including entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, and established brands.

Our major clients includes small and mid-scale businesses based in Australia. We offer quality services at an affordable price. EKOM is ready to help you create an online presence for your business.

Welcome to the online marketplace!

EKOM was founded by Ken Shan. He has been working on website and eCommerce development for many years. He is known for his in-depth knowledge in online marketing and website development and has helped more than 100+ small to mid-scale businesses in achieving their online goals.

Ken has done extensive work in Contao CMS, Magento eCommerce, and other major eCommerce platforms. He works closely with the clients to understand their business objective and provide a solution accordingly.

Beside work, Ken enjoys to watch the Barclays Premier League and spending time with his wife and their two children - Henry and Jayden.